Ensemble Exhibit at the Plano Art Association Gallery.


Soheyla Rashidyan is the new president of the Plano Art Association. To date, she has overseen 2 successful art shows.

For her second show, Soheyla hand picked and invited 6 accomplished artists to show their diverse work at the Plano Art Association Gallery which is located in Downtown Plano.

Below is a sample of the work being shown:







This show is worth checking out because it offers a diverse array of art mediums ranging from paintings, to cartoons, to sculptures, to installation art.

What I think was missing in this otherwise assorted show was fine art photographs.

That said, I give a lot of credit to Soheyla for giving non-painters a chance to show their work. It is for that reason I recommend this show

Here are the artists showing at the gallery:
Lorand Fekete
Du Q Chau
Don Dillard
Roberta Masciarelli
Lauren Luong
John Stanton

1013 15th Place, Suite 105
Plano, Texas 75074

This show Ends on October 16, 2015


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